We produce what you require!
Long-term experience in cutting design as well as film equipment combined with professional equipment, we guarantee appropriate with optimal protection with ease of use.

Contemporary production "Made in Germany"
• Industry knowledge and production experience • modern equipment • quick response to individual customer requests • straight forward handling • personal competent customer service • qualified workforces • service and reliability

Our materials are made of 100% polyamide.
FC proofed and PU coated.
High tear- and- abrasion resistance is ensured.
water-resistant, heat resistant and extremely robust.


The extreme durability of the 7inch Cover Systems are characterized by the high quality processing with tear and abrasion resistant sewing thread. Seams are sealed waterproof
Water repellent unique zippers are implemented in the products.

Extremly sturdy due to high quality materials and perfect treatment with consideration of particularly strained areas.



Handling/ operation:
Using velcro fastenings in combination with expedient, appropriate forms and formats, is a fast and easy packaging of the expensive film- and photo-equipment guaranteed.

Easy to use with few (hand)movements! Insert, fixed and done. 
Quick and safe protection against all weather conditions.



Protection and safety:
In the development and production off all protection- and- transport systems were considered the most unfavorable weather conditions. 7inch protective covers provide effective and practical all- weather protection.

Increased equipment protection.



The modern design is an optical highlight on every set and in each studio. Due to its colorfulness, the protection covers are easy recognizable which is helpful at any time - even in deep snow they are effortless found again.

High quality look fits high-tech equipment. The different colours can be ideally coordinated with the different production operations.